DBtune is an AI-powered
database tuning service.

It seamlessly boosts your system performance by tuning your database in the cloud or on premises.

Most databases are shipped with very conservative default settings across a host of parameters to ensure that they can function properly for a wide variety of applications. However, once a database has been installed and applied to a particular application, there is plenty of room to tune these parameters in a way that improves your particular database performance.

Meet DBtune
DBtune will continously find the best parameter settings for you. Stay tuned with DBtune!
Scalable Gains

DBtune can tune a database irrespective of its size and complexity, and it can just as easily tune multiple databases. This means you get consistent gains as your business grows.

Easy to Use

Setting up DBtune is easy and intuitive. As a user you don't need any background in AI or database tuning to be able to radically improve your system performance.

Secure and Private

DBtune does not need access to any of the information contained within the database. It monitors and tunes only the external settings to achieve its breakthrough results.


DBtune more than pays for itself by radically reducing the load on underlying hardware, resulting in considerable savings. This can significantly reduce your cloud service cost and reduce the need to buy more machines.

How much will my DB performance improve with DBtune?
Performance Gain
Performance Gain
Performance Gain
Performance Gain

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Dr. Luigi Nardi
Founder & CEO
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Magnus Hagander
Special Consultant
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Muhammad Umair
DB & ML Engineer
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Dr. Erik Hellsten
Senior ML Engineer
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Aiman Mohsin
Frontend Engineer
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Tahir Masood
Senior Core Engineer
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Costa Alexogolou
Tech Lead
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Tom Howcroft
Director of Sales
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Ellyne Phneah
Marketing Coordinator
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Dr. Kunle Olukotun
Advisory Board Member
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Kingston Duffie
Strategy Advisory
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Alan Facey
Sales Advisor
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Mark Jennings
Marketing Advisor
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Johan Svensson
Technology Advisor
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Peter Zaitsev
Technology Advisor